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There is so much to see and experience in and around the Trujillo area.  You will find historical sites, full-immersion experiences such as scuba diving and horseback riding, local hikes, and more.

We Offer Full Airport & Concierge Services

Need a lift?  Let us know… We can come to the airport and pick you up and then bring you back when it is time to go home.


There are so many great beaches to explore along the Banana Coast near Trujillo, Honduras but our favourite is Campamento Beach. This beach is a .5 km walk from the Campa Vista gate and is accessed through the Campamento Resort & Hotel.  

The Campamento Resort & Hotel offers amenities including two swimming pools, a beachside restaurant, outdoor showers and washrooms. While accessing the Campamento Beach and amenities, we encourage our guests to purchase cool refreshments, delicious snacks, and meals at their typico restaurant. Don’t forget to check out their other offerings like beach horseback riding and more.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Provided by: Trujillo Dive Centre

Excursions of the Bay of Trujillo, Cayos Cochinos, and beyond. If you love the sea and would like to discover the local sea life, you can take a snorkeling trip or scuba dive with a reputable dive business called “Trujillo Dive Centre” with the most knowledgeable Master Diver and Instructor Alejandro.  You can take scuba lessons or if you are an already certified diver, experience some of the more 25 dive sites in and around the Bay of Trujillo.

Other options offered by Trujillo Dive Centre are visits to Cayos Cohinos, Guanaja and Roatan or experience wakeboarding, windsurfing and kiteboarding. 

Snorkelling Starfish Bay

A local boat rental can take you to our own Cayo Blanco for snorkeling and then across the Bay of Trujillo close to Puerto Castilla to snorkel around a small sunken ship and be amazed at a hidden area filled with an amazing amount of starfish.  No one knows why but the starfish of many colours congregate in this shallow area.

Fishing Excursion

You can experience two different types of fishing, one with a pole, deep-sea fishing, or one with a stick, line, and hook, jigging for the local fare.  You can catch and release or bring your dinner to shore and have your catch cooked by a local who knows what they’re doing.  A full day with a delicious ending.

Horseback Riding

Provided by: Campamento Resort & Hotel

You can check a sunset horseback ride along the beach, off of your bucket list.  At the Campamento Resort and Hotel, owned and operated by a friendly Honduran family, located on the beach, across the road from our CampaVista Development, located just 3 km west of Trujillo on the main road to Santa Fe, you can rent a horse for a relaxing sunset ride along the beach.

Other amenities offered by Campamento are two swimming pools and a beachside restaurant.  CampaVista Development uses Campamento as our access to the beach.  While using the beach, we encourage you to purchase some cool refreshments, delicious snacks, and meals at their typico restaurant.

Guarifuna History with Meal, Dancing & Drumming

This experience can be arranged at a few different locations in and around town.  The Guarifuna people explain their history of how they came to the seaside of Honduras, the importance of music, dance, and drumming, complete with a typical meal.  You may also find yourself up on the dance floor learning the “punta” dance.

Windsurfing & Paddleboarding by Tranquility Bay

Provided by: Trujillo Dive Centre

Enjoy an early morning sunrise or late afternoon sunset on a rented paddleboard along the shores in front of Campamento Resort & Hotel or Tranquility Bay.  Along the way, you can look for fish, dolphins, and other sea life below you. 

If you’re a little more adventurous you can try windsurfing and/or kiteboarding.  All you need is a love for the water and the Bay of Trujillo is very warm and welcoming.

Trujillo Historical Tour

This amazing tour of historical Trujillo will be lead by our local historian, Jon Thompson, also known as English Jon.  Trujillo is full of history being the first capital city of Honduras overlooking the Bay of Trujillo from Fortress Santa Barbara high above the sea.  Trujillo hosted many foreign embassies which still stand today.  Jon Thompson, a character in his own right is extremely knowledgeable of the rich history of all of Honduras but especially Trujillo and the surrounding area.  Jon can give you an incredible walking tour second to none pointing out all that is history.

Santa Rosa de Aguan River Tour

Our locally known historian and extremely knowledgeable guide, Jon Thompson, also known as “English Jon” can organize an incredible tour to Santa Rosa de Aguan.  Santa Rosa de Aguan was split apart during Hurricane Mitch in 1998.  The only access across the split to the other part of the village is to hire a water taxi to take you across.  But first, you must take the taxi along the river to view nature at its finest with examples of turtles, birds, crocodiles, cayman and if you’re lucky, families of howler monkeys. After the tour, we arrange a stop at a typical restaurant in the village for a typico fresh fish, shrimp, or chicken lunch followed by drumming, singing and dancing by the Guarifuna locals.  One of the most memorable experiences of the Trujillo area.

Waterfall Hikes

Waterfall hikes in the order of difficulty, easiest to most difficult.

Rio Grande
One of the largest rivers in the Trujillo area, on a path leading away from the sea, towards the mountains to the south takes you to a beautiful, refreshing waterfall where you can bath in fresh, cool water

Coroz Alta
Take the side road leading into the development of Coroz Alta and at the end of the road is a path that will take you to the Old Spanish, cobblestone, Road dating back to the early 1500s.  This road is said to wind through the mountainous area heading south, away from the sea, and into the central area of Honduras.  It is said that there is only one grave marker for the lone Spanish warrior that died while this road was being constructed by captive Hondurans.  I’m not aware of the amount of Hondurans that died while made to construct this road.  Following the path that runs along the southwest side of the river will take you to a refreshing waterfall that you can access from the river or from a boardwalk.  You can climb along the rocks of the waterfall and jump into a deep hole below into the cool, fresh river water below.  Don’t forget your water and a snack to help enjoy your adventure.

If you travel down the road west of Trujillo until you come to the end of the road, you arrive at the village of Betulia.  To get there, you can hire a taxi, use your rental car, take the local bus, or plan a long walk from the development of AltaVista, located next to Guadalupe.  Once there, find and cross the swinging bridge.  Follow the path through the village, cross the river, follow another path that will take you to the pools below the falls for a fun swim in the cool, freshwaters.  There’s even a small rock slide that you can indulge your adventurous side and slip into a deep pool below.  Another way to this area is taking the side road heading south that you’ll find leads you to the Betulia Hydro Dam.  By following this road whether walking or driving, will lead you to the same area of water pools.  In the village of Betulia you can find a little pulperia (store) where you can purchase a cool drink, snacks and here you can also find someone to cook you a typico meal to complete your day.

On a different kind of adventure, once you arrive in the village of Betulia you can head towards the sea and follow the water’s edge to a beautiful, secluded area where you can play in the waves, snorkel or even fish.  A full day’s adventure when you have a picnic lunch accompanying you.

San Antonio
After you pass the village of Santa Fe but before arriving in San Antonio, you come to a bridge over the River of San Antonio.  To the north, you will see the river emptying out into the Caribbean Sea and to the South, towards the mountains you will be captured by one of the waterfalls of San Antonio.  By parking, or starting your trek on the east side of the river, you can follow a path that runs along the river which (with a little help from a local) will lead you to a steeper path heading towards some spectacular waterfalls.  The view is amazing and the pools below the falls are cool and incredibly refreshing.  The rocks are a bit slippery but if you are adventurous enough, you can climb the rocks around the falls and even fight the current to swim and hide under the falls.  A wonderful way to spend a day.

Bird Watching Tour/Hike

Provided by: by Kim Brinkley

Close to the village of Santa Fe is a quiet piece of property full of trees, close to the beach, and the best place to enjoy bird watching.  We can arrange for you to spend a couple of hours with a bird book of central America in hand and a knowledgeable guide.

Laguna Guaimoreto

If this is something that entices you, we can arrange a rental of a local boat or kayuka (kayak) so you can take an incredible tour of the large Guaimoreto Lagoon next to Trujillo.  The Lagoon is over 60 square miles hosting pristine mangrove forests, water canals, crocodiles, many species of birds and other forms of wildlife.  A nature lover’s paradise.