Campa Vista

Just off the main road to Sante Fe, this gated community sits majestically nestled on the Campa Vista mountainside with scenic views of the Bay of Trujillo. The community of Campa Vista is located less than 1 km from the sandy beaches of the Caribbean and just 3km from Trujillo, Honduras. 

Lots Start at $40,000 USD

With an abundance of wildlife, rivers, and waterfalls the rainforest of the Campa Vista Mountains are a pleasure to hike and explore while the town of Trujillo and all it has is just a short drive away.

The community of Campa Vista is led by a Home Owner Association who fund and maintain the community including security, beautification, roadways and water. All homeowners are invited to participate.


Views From Campa Vista

Imagine having your morning coffee on your patio overlooking the Bay of Trujillo.  There is nothing more glorious.

Security Post

The Campa Vista Security Post was due for a refresh so we fixed it up, repainted, and purchased some new t-shirts with our Campa Vista logo.

Road Maintenance #1

With our rainy/dry seasons, there is always work to do on the mountain in Campa Vista but especially on the roads. Don’t worry, your Homeowner’s Association is on the job!

Road Maintenance #2

After all the rains we had, a couple of curbs washed out in Campa Vista. Instead of just a band-aid, we dug under the curb filled with new dirt and then watered and packed. To secure the area, we planted Bamboo to keep everything in place.

Water Pipe Replacement

Our maintenance crew working together with the community of Cunda to remove the deteriorating pipe and replacing with new PVC pipe. This 3-inch pipe is the line coming down the mountain serving the community of Cunda and Campa Vista.